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What is your monthly food budget?

What is your monthly food budget?

I am on a quest to find what the average family spends a month on groceries! I polled a ton of people on Facebook and I would love input from my readers!

What do you spend a month on groceries for your house?

How many people do you feed?

Do you buy some, all or no organic foods?

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  • Kim

    I find it hard to stick to a budget when buying food. First it’s difficult to find coupons for organic foods. Second when something is in season I try to buy more and freeze or can those for the winter months. I also tend to discount buy. For example a local store had butter for $1.86 a lb. if you used a coupon. I’ve been to that store every day buying more so that I can stock it up in the freezer. I try to keep our budget to $500.00 a month but that is for 3 people and I garden.

  • Melissa Montero

    I spend about 700 a month for five people. We do not buy organic. I’m trying to stay Paleo. I cook separately for the rest of the family.

  • Nayeli

    I try to stay around $300 for food and basic household items (detergent, tp, soaps, etc), but I’ll admit I probably spend closer to $400. We have 3 people in the household, my husband, me, and our baby (she doesn’t eat food yet but I’m breastfeeding so I eat more than normal). We buy some things organic, not meat yet but if my husband gets this job then we will since there is a local farm up there that sells organic meat!

  • Cindy

    We probably spend close to 700 month. That is for 3-4 people. We do not eat organic. I do buy specialty foods though. We also buy a lot of foods when they are on sale and put it into the freezer. I do buy lots of fruit and fish which can increase costs.
    I buy hamburger for my husband as he does not like to eat as much fish; and cook different meals

  • Maria Webb

    Our monthly budget is about $550 for 5 people. I buy a mixture of organic and grassfed meats and produce. I cook dinner everynight except on Saturaday. We eat Paleo but have fallen off recently.

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