Ticks, Trees and Tennessee!

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee!

We are here in Tennessee and I would like to say we are loving it, but love is not the word I would use to describe our time here in Tennessee!

Ticks, trees and Tennessee

We drove out here with the expectations of really liking it.  We set up at Arnold AFB and got settled in. The longer we are here the longer the tall, tall trees start to close in on us! We were told how beautiful Tennessee is and how we were going to like it. Even though what you can see of it is pretty, we long for wide open spaces and distant scenery.

Ticks, trees and Tennesee

The number one thing that I dislike about Tennessee is the ticks! I didn’t grow up around ticks, so I am not used to finding them in the most disgusting places on our bodies! Patrick received this “tool” in the picture above on the first day of work. This is the first time ever the first day of work involved a “tick briefing”! YUCK!

Ticks, trees and Tennessee

The bonus is we are RIGHT ON the lake… so there is an abundance of swimming, fishing and people with boats! 🙂 And as usual we have had the pleasure of meeting some really nice people. So far our travels have taken us from coast to coast and some of the nicest people we have ever met are fellow RV’ers.

The boys and I were invited by neighbors to go out on their pontoon boat! The boys were so excited! They even got to drive the boat all alone while Brian (the captain) sat in the front and told them which way to go.

So far we have visited the Hands On Science Center in Tullahoma, TN. This place is a children’s science museum on a very low budget, but it is JAMMED PACKED with neat science stations!

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee

Since we are right on the lake we decided to buy some fishing poles and try our hand at fishing! The boys were so excited to catch their first fish ever!

One thing we love to do as a family is to cook meals over the open fire of a fire pit! We don’t get to do this often because a lot of campgrounds don’t allow the fire pit or the state is under drought conditions and won’t allow open fire. Luckily that isn’t the case here in Tennessee so we took the opportunity to make some yummy meals!

We rigged up a way to do a rotisserie chicken on the fire pit. It was a little labor intensive for Patrick to turn it, but it was well worth it. It turned out DELICIOUS!

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee

For this recipe and other nomadic yumminess join us at Poor Paleo!

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee

At the end of the day, after the kids go to bed we enjoy sitting outside under the redneck christmas lights with music and a drink… just relaxing.

Ticks, Trees and Tennessee

The sunsets here are beautiful and make me thankful to have had the opportunity to visit middle Tennessee!

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  • Shalome

    Wow..looks like fun!!! I love the pictures, My fav is Grants look on his face while fishing!!! Man I miss those boys!!!

  • bilnkit

    Hey folks, camped next to you all at Hill AFB and have been following your adventures ever since. Glad to see you are continuing to live the dream and are able to stay together as a family while pursuing a military career. Your travels will provide a lifetime of memories for you and your boys…..keep it up!
    Bill and Kit from Maine

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