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The BOMB Paleo Chili!


My husband (a bomb technician, hence the name) was really wanting chili so I came up with this recipe to fit with Paleo! This was by far some of the best chili (Paleo or not) that I have ever had and my husband agreed! My 7 year old ate four bowls because he loved it! You do not even taste the vegetables in it so it is a great way to get the veggies in the kids (and the husband) without a fuss!


The Bomb Paleo Chili Ingredients: 

Two pounds of ground meat. We used turkey and pork.

2 cans tomato paste (JUST tomato pulp)

1 can diced tomato (JUST tomato, water and salt)

4 cups Broth (we used bone broth, but beef or chicken broth will work fine!)

About 2 pounds diced vegetables. You want about half meat, half vegetables. We used:

– celery

– zucchini

– carrot

– onion

– crushed garlic

1 tbs of dark cocoa powder. Just trust me on this… it gives your chili and amazing smokey flavor!

1/4 cup Chili powder (this is NOT cayenne and should not be spicy!)

Chipotle powder or cayenne pepper to taste. Remember as it sits it will get hotter.

Salt/pepper to taste.



– Brown ground meat, set aside.

– Add all the veggies with the broth and boil until veggies are tender.

– Add ALL ingredients to the crockpot and cook on high for 6 hours.

The best way to get a thick and hearty chili is to boil the excess liquid out of it! I boil mine until it has very little liquid left! This recipe easy to cook thanks to my Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System! I was able to brown the meat, boil the vegetables and slow-cook the chili all in one pot! If you don’t have one you should check them out!!


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