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Stitch Fix Review

I am so excited! I have been eyeing Stitch Fix for a while, but as I was losing weight I was slightly outside their scope of sizing. Now after losing 125 pounds I am able to be styled by Stitch Fix! They style up to a 14/16 and X-large! They are also looking to extend their sizes, but it hasn’t happened yet. I was nervous at first. My body is not shaped like a model and I definitely have “trouble areas”, but I set aside my concerns and let stitch fix do their thing! Here are the steps you take to sign up for Stitch Fix:

1) Sign up for an account here:  Stitch Fix Account Sign-up!

2) Fill out your Style Profile. This will include questions about preferred item pricing, sizing, colors, etc and you can leave a personal, more detailed note to your stylist!

3) Order your first fix! Pick your date that you would prefer it to be delivered. At this point you will be charged a $20.00 styling fee. If you choose to keep any items from your box the styling fee is applied to that item making it $20.00 less!

4) Receive your fix in the mail! Try your items on and decide what you want to send back or keep. You have three days to do this! Your fix contains a postage paid envelope to return your items back to Stitch Fix! After you have decided what to keep and what to send back log into your account and go to checkout. This is where you leave feedback and notes about the items you received!

5) Schedule your next fix! While you CAN receive a fix monthly, you can also choose to receive it two months, three months, etc, out. I wish there was an option for twice a month!

I have to say. I honestly thought that I was going to order my Stitch Fix and not a single thing was going to fit or look right. I was so wrong! I wasn’t sure on sizing, whether to pick large or extra large, but luckily they also ask for you weight and height and I think that helps to fit you in the correct clothing! It turns out that everything fit, but a few of them I didn’t love enough to keep. I made a deal with my self that if I didn’t love it I was not going to add it to my already tiny RV closet! For this fix I chose to keep 2 out of 5 items that were sent! I feel like that is extremely awesome considering I expected nothing to work for me on my very first fix! Below are the items I received and my review of each one!

As always, if you see something you like feel free to pin it on Pinterest!

1) Skies Are Blue: Lyley Embroidered Yoke Knit Top

Skies are Blue Lyley Embroidered Yoke Knit Top Stitch Fix

Skies are Blue Lyley Embroidered Yoke Knit Top Stitch Fix
I wanted to like this Skies are Blue: Liley Embroidered Yoke Knit Top. The color was great, the embroidery was a nice touch, but the fabric was a little thinner than what I would prefer and it did me no favors in hiding my mommy tummy. )

2) Gorjana Cress Shimmer V necklace

Gorjana Shimmer V Necklace Gold Stitch Fix
This was cute, but I don’t wear gold. I forgot to mention that in my style profile. I updated it to silver for the next fix!

3) Brixon Ivy: Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse

Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix
Brixon Ivy Jarred Lace Detail Cap-Sleeve Blouse Stitch Fix
The lace on this one felt really fragile and I was worried I would break it so it went back to Stitch Fix. Also, the lace is see-through and I am picky about being able to see my bra straps.

4) Papermoon: Matti Pleated Front Blouse

Papermoon Matti Pleated Front Blouse Stitch
Papermoon Matti Pleated Front Blouse Stitch Fix
I kept this one! It was comfortable, cute and I felt like it could go with jeans or dressed up with a skirt!

5) THML Mario Pullover Sweater

THML Mario Pullover Sweater Stitch Fix
THML Mario Pullover Sweater Stitch Fix
I saved my FAVORITE for last! I absolutely kept this one! I am in love with this sweater! It is soft and comfortable! Perfect with jeans! I can’t wait to wear it when we leave Arizona and head back to Montana!

Here is the style card and note that was sent with my items to give me ideas on how to wear them!

Stitch Fix Style Card Fix 1
If you saw something you like here be sure to pin it to your style board on Pinterest so your stylist can see it!




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  • Leila

    Wow! I’ve never heard of Stitch Fix. Very cool concept, as I really don’t like to take the time to go shopping! Thanks for sharing.

    I just found your site through pinterest. Adorable! I teach in So Cal but my family and I have recently started rv traveling during the summer. Can’t wait to explore your site more for helpful tips!

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