Paleo Hack: Chipotle Chicken Bowl


One of my favorite Pre-Paleo restaurants is Chipotle Mexican Grill. I would get a Chipotle Chicken bowl full of black beans, corn, sour cream, chicken, guacamole and my all time favorite food: cilantro lime rice! For 8 months I haven’t stepped foot in a Chipotle and the craving for a Chipotle chicken bowl hit hard this week! I was looking through my Paleo recipe books and NomNom Paleo had a stir-fry rice recipe and I had the thought that it would be simple enough to make a cilantro and lime “white rice” recipe out of cauliflower! I made it and the whole meal took MAYBE 10-15 minutes to prepare and put in a bowl. Let me tell you… the Chipotle Chicken Bowl will blow your mind! It is THAT good! I can’t wait to make other “rice” recipes and try my hand at Paleotizing some of our pre-Paleo favorite foods!


Paleo Hack: Chipotle Chicken Bowl

1 head of Cauliflower washed and cored
1/2 cup chopped cliantro
1/4 cup lime juice
Chicken breast (I used Applegate farms pre-cooked chicken breast because I stink at cooking chicken breast!) Guacamole (I used organic Wholly Guacamole)
Ghee, Butter or Coconut Oil
1 Cored, seeded and diced jalopeno (optional)


1) Wash and core the head of cauliflower and cut into chunks big enough to throw in a blender or food processor. Now, I do not have a food processor for this step so I used my Ninja Kitchen System Blender and pulsed the cauliflower. I am told that you can also use a cheese grater and grate your Cauliflower. Basically you just want the cauliflower diced into “rice” sized pieces.


2) Place either ghee, butter, or coconut oil in a skillet. I used about 2 tablespoons. Add cauliflower “rice”, half of the lime juice and half of the cilantro and sauté until “rice” is tender and a bit browned.


3) Warm the chicken (or cook it if you cook chicken).
4) Add the remaining juice and cilantro to the rice and toss to coat.
5) Place “rice”, chicken and guacamole in the bowl and serve!



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