Our drive from Texas to New Jersey!


Our drive from Texas to Virginia summed up in one word: exhausting! 🙂 We drove 12 hour days, in the pouring rain the first two days. And the next two days we meandered the remaining 6 hours. The drive was beautiful! I had no idea Virginia and Maryland were so pretty!


We boon-docked (parked to sleep without electric, water or sewer) for the night outside of Lynchburg, Virginia on the second night! We found this spot because a very generous person on the Fulltime Rv’ing Facebook page offered his land for anyone passing through! It just so happened that we were passing through there the day after he posted his offering!! We drove our rigs through the hills of Virginia and found his home. His family was welcoming and we are so glad we stopped for the night and had the chance to meet them (and get a good night’s sleep)!


After Virginia we stopped in Maryland to visit with family from Patrick’s side! It was so nice to see people we haven’t seen in over 8 years! The boys loved meeting them and running around their place… I think they were in a sugar coma most of the time due to the cupcakes they made with Aunt P! They had an unforgettable time and are already asking me to go back and visit! Luckily we are only two and a half hours away so we’ll have plenty of time to visit our northeastern family!


We left Maryland and only had a short drive to our RV park. The park wasn’t exactly what we were thinking it was going to be (more on that later), but it will do!

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