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Adventus MusIQ: A TOS Review

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We were recently given the opportunity to review an innovative  program aimed at teaching children to play the piano from the comfort of their home. Adventus has a fun, computer based program called MusIQ. The program uses the computer and a midi keyboard.

MusIQ lessons take about an hour and teaches  variety of music theory and history. There is a game to reinforce the lesson and printable activity sheets to go along with the lesson they just learned!

MusIQ comes with everything you need for a well rounded music curriculum. For this particular review we reviewed Children’s Music Journey Volume 1.  Volume one has 25 lessons which is plenty for the year!  The lessons begin with a fun, interactive, well-known composer who teaches the lesson. My kids were glued to the screen!

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We used Adventus MusIQ three times a week in addition to our regular home-school curriculum. The boys didn’t mind the “extra work” and they even learned to play a very simple song.

There is no way that I could teach them anywhere close to what they are learning with Adventus Children’s Music Journey Volume 1! I can’t wait to see how much more they learn as they progress.

Adventus MusIQ is very affordable.  You can buy the program wholly or you can download the software and pay a subscription fee of $10.95 per month.  When we were doing traditional music lessons they were $90.00 a month! This is a great deal!!



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