About me and The Paleo Diet!

About me and the paleo diet
50 pound weight loss in 100 days!


Well, Hello! Welcome!

First… I am a mom, homeschooler, wife, traveler, blogger, foodie and I could probably add maid to that list. I am BUSY! I am also overweight. The main reason I started this page was to track and remember the foods my family eats on a daily basis so that I will remember them.

Second… My goal is to be healthy. And for my family to be healthy. I have a child that is allergic to soy, dyes and tomatoes. We have chosen to try the Paleo way of eating because a bunch of friends are doing it and loving it. What do we have to lose? I started my weightless journey in October of 2013. At that time I was 306 pounds at my heaviest. I was constantly out of breath, had migraines and my feet would hurt really bad when I got up in the mornings. There was no way I could run with my boys. I was AFRAID to go to the doctor, so I didn’t. I knew something had to change. My body was no longer able to keep up with the weight that I put on it. I chose the Paleo diet to try out for two reasons. One, it was popular among my friends with great success. Two, I need a way of eating that didn’t require shakes, meal replacements, pills or other specialty items. I needed a way to LEARN to eat healthier that I could take with me when I had a function to attend or if I was dining out at a restaurant. I had to TEACH myself HOW to eat properly and forget all the junk I had ever been taught about low-fat, sugar-free foods. The best part of the Paleo diet is that I am not starving! I do calorie count with MyFitnessPal and I keep it within my allotted amount of calories. Now, As of October 2015 I am down 125 pounds! I have ran miles for time, trained at crossfit and I can now PLAY soccer and run with my boys! I have a long way to go, but I’ll get there.

Updated picture one year in:

Paleo weightloss transformation

Third… We all know eating healthy is expensive. You either have the money to spend on organic, all natural, fine foods… or like us, you don’t. That does not mean I don’t want my family to be healthy! Throughout my blog you will find references to some of our favorite money saving tips about canned foods and frozen vegetables the you can use with The Paleo Diet!

My goal here is to follow The Paleo Diet as closely as possible. No sugar, no processed foods, no grains. Just nuts, meat, veggies and occasional fruits. There will be times when my recipes use frozen veggies. Frozen is STILL better than none at all right? Are you following me? There are some things I will spend the extra money on… one of those is coconut oil! We also OCCASIONALLY eat processed cheese, but we are raw milk drinkers so our Paleo regimen does include some dairy. Don’t like it? Just leave it out!

If you have made it this far… WELCOME! I like visitors and new ideas! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about PoorPaleo… my work-in-progress!

My progress:

<3 Jenn


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