Wyoming: First Impressions


We made it to Cheyenne, Wyoming today, Saturday, August 17. We found the campground where some of the other guys from Patrick’s work are staying and pulled in. First impressions of this place are that it looks nice… until you realize that there is barely internet and almost no Sprint cellphone service. We attempted to find the goldilocks of campgrounds here in Cheyenne, but we came up short and decided the one we are at will have to do. The others were either too far away from the job site, dusty, or way too expensive. We chose WYO campground on the East side of Cheyenne.


The kids found the playground right away and made themselves busy in this old fashioned play area! They love the solid metal slides, merry-go-round and teeter-totters, but I am a little nervous! At least it wore them out and no doubt they will be asking to play there tomorrow!


The good news is there is a pool and game room to keep us plenty busy!



Because the internet is terrible here we have stopped doing our normal curriculum (time4learning) and switched to workbooks until we can get somewhere that has better internet.

Patrick trying to get ANY WIFI signal!
Patrick trying to get ANY WIFI signal!


Here are some random pics of WYO campground:




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