White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

White Sands National Monument


White Sands National Monument is probably one of the most awe inspiring places we have visited! The science behind how the vast dune fields got there is so interesting!





While we were there the boys learned about the dunes and gypsum and earned their junior ranger badge for White Sands National Monument!





There are over 275 square acres of dune fields. These dune fields are made up of a mineral called Gypsum. The gypsum is brought down from the surrounding mountains by the rain and are deposited into an ephemeral lake or playa. As the water evaporated the mineral is wind-blown to the dune fields.


The “sand” is the softest “sand” we have ever felt! It is nice to take your shoes off and walk in it! The boys loved rolling down the hills, climbing the dunes and playing in the sand. Our one and only regret is not brining sleds with us! The sand is perfect for sledding! It is like snow, only softer and warm on most days!






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