We named our homeschool!


I ran across an article that talked about naming your homeschool. At first I thought it was silly, but then I realized that some states actually require you to name your homeschool and they treat it as a private school. While Texas does not require you to name your homeschool I thought it would be fun to do anyway!

Why name your homeschool? 

– Some co-ops and umbrella schools might require your homeschool to be identified by name.

– If you make a student or teacher ID you will need a school name.

– Some incentive programs like Book-it ask for it.

– You’ll need a name if you are planning to prepare high school transcripts at some point.

– It will help your kids identify with a school and it can be used when on a field trip.


We brainstormed some rules for names:

– No cute names… cute is fine when you are 5, but it may not be fine when you are applying to college or on your diploma!

– Secular

– Nothing with our last name.

– Has to reflect a passion or something important to us.


What we came up with:


Heartland Preparatory Academy

Why we chose this name: 

Heartland is the name of our RV manufacturer. This might seem a little weird, but the RV is significant to us. It is where this WHOLE homeschooling adventure began. It is highly possible that I would have never even tried (and loved) homeschooling if my husband had not taken a traveling job and subsequently moved us into an RV to hit the road!

Preparatory was chosen because our children don’t just DO school and worksheets. They are prepared daily for life as an adult. This includes studying hard and acquiring as much knowledge as possible, taking personal responsibility for themselves and  problem solving!

Academy was chosen because training is taking place daily in our home to raise intelligent, responsible, productive young men who will one day be leaders to their community and families just as their father is to ours.

We want to know what you named your homeschool… leave us a comment! 


  • Tina Dubois

    We named our home school DuBois Discipleship Training Academy. DuBois is our last name, we are disciples of Jesus Christ, we are always training, no matter what age or stage. Academy because learning is always taking place.

  • Clarissa

    I really want to name our school, just because I think it’d be fun.. and useful for a diploma later on… and for ID cards, etc. But, so far haven’t come up with anything. I found some of your “rules” in naming your school helpful.. maybe I will come up with something yet! 😉 Like your name a lot and the reasons behind it.. I really want to use “Academy” in our name too because of it’s meaning.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks! Our rules don’t work for everyone though. I have a friend who is going to find a word that is important to her and translate it to Hawaiian since Hawaii is important to her. I have seen other suggestions like: the name of the road you grew up on, the street or subdivision you currently live in, a hometown… The possibilities are endless! I’d love to know what you come up with!

    • Jennifer

      I enjoyed checking out your blog! The violin lessons might be something we can use! My son started violin when he was four, but had to stop once we went on the road. oh… and your watermelon, basil honey recipe sounds delicious!

  • Leigh

    Our school is Family First Primary School. “Family First” because it’s a major reason we are homeschooling, to put our family first.

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