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Top 10 most unique gifts under $10.00

Top 10 most unique gifts under $10.00

Top 10 most unique gifts under $10.00!

We all have the person who is so hard to buy for or the white elephant exchanges that leave us stumped. Well, now I have you covered! I scoured amazon to bring you my top 10 list of the most unique gifts under $10.00! Check them out!

1) A Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug!! At first glance it totally looks like a lens. Look again! It is a travel mug! We usually see these come in around $15.00, but this seller on Amazon has it priced at $8.85 with free shipping! Click on the Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug and it will take you to the product!

2) Vino2Go Wine Tumblers. With this set you get TWO for the price of one! These are BPA free and double wall insulated!

3) Are you giving a gift card or cash this year? Put it in a Money Puzzle! Make giving cash or gift cards fun!

4) Two words: Flying Monkeys! What else could you possibly want? I can see these Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey being flung around the office!

5) Hutzler Banana Slicer. Maybe the receiver of your gift needs an extra 10 seconds in their day! Even if you don’t buy this… you MUST read the reviews on amazon! It will be the best way to waste an entire morning drinking coffee and spitting it all over your keyboard!

6) Unicorn Rainbow Blast Knee High Tube Socks. These knee-high socks are well made and comfortable. Yes, I have them. People never know I am wearing my unicorn socks under my jeans! 🙂

7) How about the 18 Loop Scarf Holder? Mine are just unorganized hanging on a regular plastic hanger! I think I might have to actually get this one for myself!

8) If you have a foodie or someone who really loves to cook on your list I don’t think you can go wrong with spices! Among my favorite gifts to receive are flavored salts! Check out this Three Grinder Pack 100% Organic Salts!

9) SAmco Round Egg Rings. These are great for making breakfast sandwiches and have a non-stick coating!

10) Knock, Knock “All Out Of” Magnetic Pad ! These are definitely a unique gift! There are a ton to choose from to fit the individual person! My personal favorite is the crap to do list, because, well, I always have crap to do!