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    Paleo Lunch Box #11 Guacamole Burger

      [wp_ad_camp_2] Paleo Lunch Box #11: Contents: Leftover Jalopeno beef burger patty (Chopped jalopeno and ground beef) Sweet Peppers Boiled eggs Fresh strawberries Guacamole (Tomato, onion, garlic and avocado) [wp_ad_camp_3] Like this lunch idea? We have plenty more! Check them out by selecting ADULT LUNCH under the website header! **Subscribe to Poor Paleo with your email (in the right sidebar) to receive new posts directly in your email! Want to lose weight? Follow me on my weight loss journey! Check out my ABOUT ME page!     

  • Dinner

    Spicy Guacamole Burger on Field Greens

    [wp_ad_camp_2] We were all really craving a spicy guacamole burger, but since we don’t eat bread or additives we couldn’t just go to the local burger joint and grab one! After I made this we didn’t feel like we even wanted to! It was DELICIOUS!! We made a version for the kids that left out the jalopenos so it wasn’t spicy for them, but my husband and I love the heat!   This picture and recipe of our spicy guacamole burger does contain cheese. While cheese is not acceptable for Paleo we do still enjoy it from time to time! My husband loves pepper jack cheese on his burgers so…

  • Side

    SIMPLE Marinara

    Do you normally buy the marinara or pasta sauce from the grocery store? Did you know that MOST of them contain sugar? When we started the The 21-Day Sugar Detox: Bust Sugar & Carb Cravings Naturally we started REALLY reading labels. We love marinara so I had to come up with a better, quick alternative! Now, nothing is better than home-made sauce with fresh tomatoes, but not everyone has the time to make it! This is what we do…. and LOVE! In fact, we’ll never go back to store bough sauce again! The best part: It is cheaper than pre-made sauce! Most sauces are around $4.00 and I can make…

  • Recipes

    Brussels Sprouts with Feta!

    Brussels Sprouts with Feta Ingredients: Brussels Sprouts Olive Oil Chicken Broth Onion Pre-cooked chicken Garlic Red Pepper Flakes Tomatoes Instructions: 1) In a large frying pan sauté onions, red pepper flakes, garlic until onions are soft and caramelized. 2) Pour in about 1/2 cup of chicken broth and cook on high to reduce the liquid. 3)When very little liquid is left in the pan add the brussels sprouts. 4) Chop and add chicken. 4) Pour 1/2 cup broth over sprouts and re-place lid to allow the sprouts to steam. 5) Stir occasionally and remove from pan when done. 6) Add feta and garnish with tomatoes and ENJOY! Questions? Comments? Use the…