• Kids lunchbox ideas

    Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes on a Budget

    Save money and help your budget with these healthy kids lunch boxes! [wp_ad_camp_3] As some of you know, we home school our kids and travel the country in our RV.  Since we home school we don’t have a real need for packable school lunches. A reader reached out to me to ask if I could do a series on healthy kids lunch boxes that are budget friendly and Paleo! She asked and we delivered! Something awesome came of this! We now have breakfast and lunch ready to go everyday! We just pull it out of the refrigerator, re-heat if needed (breakfast) and serve. This makes my life so much easier, especially…

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast Can Wait!

    [wp_ad_camp_2] Breakfast can wait… No Prince, breakfast can’t wait! In our house, we feel like breakfast is essential to having a healthy start to the day! There’s not gonna be grits and gravy, cheese eggs and ham. There’s not gonna be hotcakes smothered in honey,  just good, wholesome Paleo goodness. No time to cook breakfast every morning? No problem! One of the struggles we have is getting breakfast made in the morning. It is so much easier to make toast or cereal instead of eggs and meat. We came up with a prepare-ahead breakfast plan for our family and hopefully it helps someone else make better choices for breakfast. On…

  • Adult Lunch box Ideas

    Paleo Lunch Box #11 Guacamole Burger

      [wp_ad_camp_2] Paleo Lunch Box #11: Contents: Leftover Jalopeno beef burger patty (Chopped jalopeno and ground beef) Sweet Peppers Boiled eggs Fresh strawberries Guacamole (Tomato, onion, garlic and avocado) [wp_ad_camp_3] Like this lunch idea? We have plenty more! Check them out by selecting ADULT LUNCH under the website header! **Subscribe to Poor Paleo with your email (in the right sidebar) to receive new posts directly in your email! Want to lose weight? Follow me on my weight loss journey! Check out my ABOUT ME page!     

  • Dinner

    Spicy Guacamole Burger on Field Greens

    [wp_ad_camp_2] We were all really craving a spicy guacamole burger, but since we don’t eat bread or additives we couldn’t just go to the local burger joint and grab one! After I made this we didn’t feel like we even wanted to! It was DELICIOUS!! We made a version for the kids that left out the jalopenos so it wasn’t spicy for them, but my husband and I love the heat!   This picture and recipe of our spicy guacamole burger does contain cheese. While cheese is not acceptable for Paleo we do still enjoy it from time to time! My husband loves pepper jack cheese on his burgers so…

  • Dinner

    Paleo Pizza Meatza!

    [wp_ad_camp_2] We had fun with this recipe! We want a pizza type dinner, but I did not want to go through the work of putting together a flour-less pizza crust so we tried the Meatza Pizza Crust! This is really simple and even the kids enjoyed decorating their pizza! Paleo Pizza Meatza Ingredients: Crust: 1 pound Ground meat (We used pork) 1 egg Italian Seasonings Sauce: We used Salsa Verde, but tomato sauce or marinara would work great too! Toppings: Whatever vegetable you choose! We used peppers and onions and I added mushrooms and black olives on mine, but it is really up to you! Get creative with it! [wp_ad_camp_3]…

  • Dinner

    The BOMB Paleo Chili!

      My husband (a bomb technician, hence the name) was really wanting chili so I came up with this recipe to fit with Paleo! This was by far some of the best chili (Paleo or not) that I have ever had and my husband agreed! My 7 year old ate four bowls because he loved it! You do not even taste the vegetables in it so it is a great way to get the veggies in the kids (and the husband) without a fuss!  [wp_ad_camp_2] The Bomb Paleo Chili Ingredients:  Two pounds of ground meat. We used turkey and pork. 2 cans tomato paste (JUST tomato pulp) 1 can diced tomato…

  • Breakfast

    Paleo French toast eggs!

    Ok, this is really an accidental discovery! My sisters and mom were making French toast (eggs, cinnamon and bread) and I was bummed I couldn’t have any! My sisters came up with the brilliant idea of scrambled eggs with cinnamon! It sounds so weird, but it totally squashed my craving for French toast and I did not feel like I was missing out! Paleo French Toast Eggs Ingredients: Eggs and Cinnamon! That’s it! Just trust me! Served here with avocado and bacon! All you do is scramble the eggs with cinnamon! [wp_ad_camp_2] Want to lose weight? Follow me on my weight loss journey! Check out my ABOUT ME page!

  • Snack

    Paleo travel foods!

    [wp_ad_camp_2] Paleo Travel FoodsWe travel a lot! See HappilyUprooted.com. One of the struggles we have is eating healthy Paleo foods while driving 12 hours across the country. This is what I packed and it worked great to curb hunger and allow me to munch on something while driving.  Want to lose weight? Follow me on my weight loss journey! Check out my ABOUT ME page!  [wp_ad_camp_3]