• Dinner

    Spicy Guacamole Burger on Field Greens

    [wp_ad_camp_2] We were all really craving a spicy guacamole burger, but since we don’t eat bread or additives we couldn’t just go to the local burger joint and grab one! After I made this we didn’t feel like we even wanted to! It was DELICIOUS!! We made a version for the kids that left out the jalopenos so it wasn’t spicy for them, but my husband and I love the heat!   This picture and recipe of our spicy guacamole burger does contain cheese. While cheese is not acceptable for Paleo we do still enjoy it from time to time! My husband loves pepper jack cheese on his burgers so…

  • Recipes

    Easy Crescent Roll-up

    The boys had fun making this and it was SUPER easy!! Easy crescent roll-up with Ham and Cheese are great of brunches and parties! They can be stuffed with any meat or cheese! Ingredients: 1 can crescent rolls chopped ham Sliced cheddar Instructions: Roll out dough into two squares Pinch together the triangles Place cheese and ham in the middle and roll up Place seam side down on a baking pan and pinch the ends to keep the cheese in! Bake at 350 until golden brown Remove and allow to cool. Cut up and enjoy!