Summer of Science: Naked Eggs!

Naked Eggs Experiment!

This week we made NAKED EGGS!


This is an easy experiment!



1 raw egg


container large enough for the egg


Place egg in container

Pour vinegar until egg is covered

Place lid on container

Allow egg to sit for 12-24 hours and observe the changes

After the shell is completely dissolved take the egg out, wash it off and let the kids hold it and squeeze it. We even dropped ours from about 4 inches off the counter to see what would happen.



What we did: 

The boys used their journals to draw what we did (the process).

Next, they drew their hypothesis of what they thought would happen.

When the experiment was finished we drew the conclusion of what actually happened.

They were able to touch and hold the egg in the beginning, middle and end of the experiment to see and feel what was happening with the shell!

Learning points:

The egg’s shell is made of calcium which can be dissolved with vinegar (acid).

Under the shell of an egg is a membrane.

Vocabulary Words:

Membrane- A pliable sheet like structure acting as a boundary, lining, or partition in an organism.

Hypothesis- A hypothesis is simply an educated guess about what will happen in your experiment.

Conclusion-  A conclusion is the result or outcome of an experiment.

Experiment-  An experiment is a way to test the hypothesis.



We really liked this fun experiment! The kids thought it was so neat the way the shell dissolved and the egg was squishy and bouncy! They had a hard time waiting the 24 hours for the shell to dissolve, but it was worth it!

Did you do this experiment? What did your kids think about it? What learning points did you teach?

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