Stone Mountain Park Christmas: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain Park

A few weeks ago we had the fabulous privilege to go to Stone Mountain Park Christmas festival in Stone Mountain Georgia while visiting some friends! We did not know what to expect, but let me tell you… this place far surpassed anything we could have imagined!

Stone Mountain Park

This barn had a THREE STORY jungle-gym complete with slides and foam ball shooters for the kids to completely wear themselves out at… and for some of the parents to take a seat and relax! 

Stone Mountain Park

Once the sky’s turned dark they lights lit up… the whole “town” was glowing beautifully and it was so festive! Couple that with random carolers and you have some serious Christmas cheer! 

Stone Mountain Park

 Stone Mountain Park Christmas had so much to do and see that there is NO WAY we could have seen everything and done it all in one day! Here is a short list of a few of the things we did get to do: 

– Road a train around the park (the boys loved this!) 

Stone Mountain Park

– Watched a short version of The Polar Express in 4D!! This was beyond cool!! They made it snow in the theatre, our chairs shook, wind blew our hair and the animation popped off the screen! It was just amazing!!! 

– Played in a 3 story jungle gym. (kids played… mom wanted to pass out by then)

– Watched glass makers make hand-blown glass ornaments! 

– Fireworks! 

– Watched the Snow Angel fly across the sky and ring the bell to start the Christmas Season! 

– Watched a high energy Christmas Parade complete with Santa! 

Stone Mountain Park

The list of things to do and entertainment to watch goes on and on!! We hope to make it back someday and enjoy the other entertainment offerings! 

Stone Mountain Park


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