RV must haves: Our top 5!



RV must haves: Our top five must have items for RV living and travel to make life on the road easier!

We have been living in an RV for over 5 years now and there are a few things that we use the most and love that we want to share with our readers! Since we follow the work we are not always in sunny Florida and have had a lot of experience with freezing temperatures and other weather related difficulties we gathered our top 5 items that make living  400 square feet easier!! These are our top 5 best purchases for the RV:

1. Pirit 25-Feet Heated Hose

The Pirit hose has been one of the best investments we have made! We have been unfortunate enough to be in freezing temperatures every winter since we follow the work. When everyone else around us has to unhook their water hose and only use the water in their fresh water tanks, we have free-flowing, unfrozen water all the time! The has been tested to 9 degrees already and it works like a champ! 

2. Ninja 3 in 1 Cooking System

I got the Ninja Cooking System a few years ago for Mother’s Day and it is one of my MOST USED kitchen appliances! This thing is awesome! It is a crock pot, steamer and oven that can also brown meat, sauté veggies, roast and slow cook! We have cooked chili in it from start to finish by browning the meat and onions, adding everything and switching it over to slow cook mode! There is only one pot to clean up, so if you live in an RV and are short on kitchen space this is the appliance for you!

3. Tri-Lynx Lynx Levellers, (Pack of 10)


You can never have too many Linx Levellers when you live in an RV and travel as much as we do! You never know what kind of site you will end up with when the options are slim! These have helped us in numerous un-level situations! We also use them under our steps to support the bottom step!


4. Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim Vacuum


This vacuum sucks! No really! It does! It sucks the dog hair, dirt and kid mess right out of the carpet! This is our choice because it is slim and easy to store and the main part detaches to be used as a handheld vacuum which is great for cleaning cars after long trips!

5. Makita 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit

Compact but powerful! I have used these to change tires, replace an inverter, remove an awning, install an air conditioner, fix a thermostat… the list just goes on an on. I have personally owned my set for over 4 years and they just won’t quit. The small nature of the drill set means that you can also fit them into almost any storage area in your RV.



  • Whitney

    Ah! You’re from Texas! And you have a secular homeschool link on your page! And you have kids! And you live in an RV! Oh my Gersh you’re like my rv soul sister soulmate! Haha I love your list! I love the idea for the water hose, everything else seems like good info too. I’m moving into an RV in three weeks with my husband of five years and my two kids that are 1&1/2 and 3 &1/2! From Houston! I’m so excited to get rid of all our stuff and streamline my chore list a bit! I love your blog!!!

  • Kierstyn

    Hi I see that you said you follow the work, my Husband and I are trying to spend a couple years working our way across the US. Any suggestions on how to get started or find work?

  • lynn teardo

    absolutely everything excel the Dyson! you spend hundreds and they only last a few years and Dyson does not stand behind their very expensive product after many phone calls and emails. just buy a cheaper corded one cuz the RVs can be cleaned without moving the cord!


    Gr8 ideas. Thanks for sharing. Yep – prep and the right equipment is everything when it comes to camping! Took me years to perfect our checklist and I recently put that on my site to help other fellow campers. Stop by if you like. Camp more, worry less. 🙂

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