Pocket S’mores!

Pocket S’mores

These little treats came about because we did not have graham crackers on hand when we started the fire! We really try to stay away from all gluten and grain when we started eating Paleo foods 8 months ago. I saw some gluten-free graham crackers at Natural Grocers and they were just so expensive and it has been my experience that most store-bought gluten-free products don’t taste that great anyway. So we skipped them and came up with our own version of S’mores that we actually love more than the traditional version! You can use chocolate bars in the middle or anything else you can come up with! We would love to hear about your fillings! ¬†They were a HIT with all of our guest and we hope that your family loves them too!

What you need:
GIANT marshmallows (Our’s were gluten-free)
Hershey’s Chocolate Bars (also gluten-free)
Roasting stick

-Break apart Hershey bar and set aside.
-Place GIANT marshmallow on a stick and slow roast it. Lightly brown the outside evenly all the way around by turning slowly. If it catches fire, blow it out and move marshmallow back from the fire. The key is to not allow it to burn because the marshmallow will flake and you won’t have a nice pocket for your chocolate to fit into.
-Once it is nicely browned, use your fingers to remove the outset crust from the marshmallow.
-Insert chocolate and press together.

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