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Paleo in Portland

Paleo In Portland

Paleo in Portland

We had a fantastic trip to Portland on our 9 day 10 year anniversary road trip! We were lucky enough to find some wonderful, Paleo friendly restaurants in Northeast Portland that I am dying to tell you about! These are likely not perfect Paleo (with the exception of Cultured Caveman), but they work really well.

Wilder Bar Cafe
Chef wes Creation 1

1. Wilder Bar & Cafe
This place was our #1 favorite place on our whole 9-day trip. They don’t advertise to be Paleo friendly, but I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Chef Wes and he fully understands Paleo and went out of his way to create the most amazing, tasteful, Paleo friendly dishes! We were blown away by the level of accommodating customer service we were shown at Wilder. If you go to Wilder you MUST ask for the Fried Cauliflower. We got it un-breaded tossed in their house tarragon vinaigrette. It was by far the best cauliflower I have ever tasted in my entire life and my (non-cauliflower eating) husband fully agreed. Chef Wes is a culinary genius who truly has a passion for food. Not only was the food out-of-this-world fantastic and creative, the staff was so friendly. Chef Wes and Tia went out of their way to make these travelers feel like locals. If we were locals this would be a go-to dinner and drinks spot!


Autentica Portland

2. Autentica Mexican Cuisine
Autentica is next door to Wilder Bar Cafe. We stopped in because this place was close to our hotel and got great reviews. Traditionally this type of place is not paleo friendly. We did order the barbacoa (brisket in Mexican spices) and it came with beans and tortillas. I made it Paleo-friendly by slicing up the barbacoa and putting it on a salad. The barbacoa was a treat for our mouths. It was so juicy and spiced just right I could have eaten it alone, without the salad!


Cultured Caveman

3. Cultured Caveman Food Cart on Alberta
Of course, no trip to Portland is complete without eating at the very Paleo-friendly Cultured Caveman food cart! We visited the one on Alberta and met the lovely Liv of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthiness. The food at the Cultured Caveman food cart was exactly what we expected. It was a perfect, light, healthy lunch option while checking out all Alberta street had to offer. You won’t find greasy, grain filled foods here. Only healthy and tasty options. We had bacon wrapped meatloaf, ginger-kale salad, sweet potato mash and my favorite: Bacon wrapped, almond stuffed dates. DELICIOUS!


Cup and saucer

4. Cup & Saucer Cafe
Cup & Saucer is a great place in Northeast Portland to catch a quick breakfast. I opted for the vegetable omelet. This omelet was jam-packed with squash, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms without cheese. I ordered a side of bacon and black coffee with it. Not only was it filling, but it didn’t have any sides of greasy hash browns like most breakfast places. They claim to be a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free breakfast place, but I would add Paleo on to that. They were very accommodating with our Paleo needs and the food was good. They also have gluten-free bread options, but those are not Paleo friendly.


Tasty N Sons portland

5. Tasty n Sons
At Tasty n Sons we found a very interesting and somewhat difficult to understand menu. The meals seemed really inventive and unique. We ordered Shakshuka red pepper & tomato stew, with baked eggs and merguez sausage, which equate to tomato and red pepper stew with lamb sausage and a baked egg on top. It was slightly spicy. It is served with bread, but we just did no eat the bread. We also ordered the above pictures bacon wrapped, almond stuffed dates in maple syrup that were super delicious!


Paleo restaurants we heard great things about, but did not get to visit:
Dick’s Kitchen
Cultured Caveman Restaurant
Verde Cocina
Garden Monsters
Laughing Plant Cafe
Eclectic Kitchen
Mama Leo’s

See our Paleo friendly recommendations for the next leg of our trip in Seattle! Coming soon!


  • Freya

    I’m born and raised Oregonian and have been lviing away from Oregon for about 7 years….I can’t wait to move back to experience Portland not only as an adult with better taste (then I had in college haha) and also as someone who eats paleo a lot! Portland has so many hidden gems, glad you went!

  • Andrea Wyckoff

    Thanks for this great right up! I grew up in Portland, but moved away 7 years ago. Now I just go back occasionally and it’s nice to have a list of new Paleo restaurants to try when I visit.


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