Paleo Hibiscus Ice Cream

Paleo Hibiscus Ice Cream

Paleo Hibiscus Ice cream

So, it sounds really strange, but we got a whole bag of dried hibiscus flowers from bountiful baskets and I wanted to find something other than making tea to do with it. Thus Paleo Hibiscus Ice Cream was born! Plus he bought be this awesome new ice cream maker and I had to use it! I made homemade coconut milk and infused the hibiscus flowers! It turned out great and the kids loved it too! Plus the color is really cool!


4 cups almost boiling water
2 cups shredded coconut
1/8 cup dried hibiscus flowers
1/4 cup honey
1/4 tsp vanilla


First, we need to make the coconut milk. If you want to skip this part canned, full fat coconut milk can be used. Bring water almost to a boil. Place 2 cups of shredded coconut in a blender (we use a Vitamix), pour 4 cups of hot water over it and blend on high until thick and frothy. During this part I added my dried flowers to the hot coconut milk mixture and allowed it to sit for about 15 minutes and steep. Next, using a nut milk bag or fine strainers strain the mixture. You will be left with a wonderfully creamy coconut milk. Then, allow the mixture to cool completely and add to an ice cream maker with the honey and vanilla and allow it to freeze for about 20! My boys decided to add some Enjoy Life chocolate chips to the ice cream about 5 minutes before it was complete.


  • Dan

    Hello Jenn. My name is Dan and I am a founder of Easy Fast Recipes website. Many thanks for this lovely Hibiscus Ice Cream recipe! Natural, simple and affordable ingredients, easy to follow step by step instructions. I am a Paleo diet follower myself. This is yummy easy fast recipe and I think it’s going into my bookmark list.
    I am looking forward for more Paleo easy food recipes on your site in the nearest future.
    You are welcome to visit my website >> Easy Fast Recipes for Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness. Cheers and do have a great day!

  • jan

    Hi Jenn…Tried this but instead of getting that lovely pink color I ended up getting something looking purple-grey. Don’t know why? Also I used fresh flowers instead of the dried version? Any suggestion. Anticipate your reply.

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