Paleo Fajitas!


My husband and I try to cook on the grill every weekend. We cook enough to eat for the entire week and incorporate into our dinner and lunch meals. This weekend we grilled some seasoned skirt steak to slice up for Fajitas! We also use the same skirt steak in our omelets and to top our salads with! I use either Montreal Steak Seasoning (Not super Paleo) or Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute to season our beef with! This is a simple and easy to put together meal that we eat often because we loved traditional fajitas!


Paleo Fajitas Ingredients: 
Grilled skirt steak or other flat piece of beef.
Romaine lettuce leaves


There are a couple of ways to eat this. You can chop everything up and throw it in a bowl to make a fajita bowl, or you can use the romaine leaves as a wrap for the rest of the ingredients. The wrap can be kind of messy, but if you are wanting a true fajita this is the way to go! Either way it is a delicious, healthy and satisfying meal!

I get asked many times if my kids eat what we eat. My 7 year old will eat almost anything, he has no problem with greens and “strange” ingredients. Now, my 5 year old is super picky. For this meal he would have taken the strips and dipped them in the guacamole. We don’t change our meal plans for the kids, they eat whatever it is that I fix and this works well for our family!


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