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Kindle Touchscreen DEAL

Kindle deal


1. Go to the Kindle page at Amazon: CLICK HERE

2. Under the Add to Cart button is the option to add “Kindle Unlimited” normally $59.94, for just $30. Click this option and then add to cart. The discount won’t show up right away, but as you go through checkout, you should see the following.

$49.00 – Kindle

$59.94 – Kindle Unlimited 6 months

$108.94 – Subtotal

-$29.94 – Promotion Credit Applied

$79.00 – Total


3. Complete the transaction. In a few minutes, you will get an email with the 6-month subscription attached. The subject will be “You have 6 months of Kindle Unlimited”. Click the button to redeem the subscription. You must click the button to go to Amazon’s site. It won’t actually redeem until you make a selection on Amazon’s site.

4. Final step, be careful. The redeem screen on Amazon’s site will look like the attached image. You can redeem for 6-months of Kindle Unlimited. However, there is a link below it to “Click Here to redeem your membership as a gift card.”

Clicking this link will add $43.47 to your Amazon account as a gift balance.

$79.00 paid – $43.47 Amazon Credit = $35.53 total cost of Kindle


TAKE NOTE: There is no confirmation step once you get to the “redeem membership” page. If you click the big “Redeem your 6 months gift of Kindle Unlimited”, it’s done. Same with the “Click here to redeem your membership as a gift card.

Thanks to SLickdeals for the alert!