Hill Air Force Base, Utah

So far we really like Hill Air Force Base, Utah. 

We stay at Fam Camps since we are military affiliated. This family camp is acceptable. The camp host is a little lazy and things do not get done in a timely manner, but the sites are level and it is in a great location. We are across the street from the gym, next to the track and field as well as next to the playground and splash park… which would be convenient if it weren’t in the 30’s outside! We have met some great people here so far and are looking forward to meeting more! 

The boys are loving the snow… and so is the dog. They got to ride sleds and make snow angels for the first time in their short little lives. The smiles on their face say it all! 

We still have a month left in Utah. If you have been here (or are here) we would love some suggestions on places we should visit before we head to our next adventure! 


  • Ali Workentin

    Make sure you go to the Kennicot Copper Mines and Antelope Island…both are fun and interesting and full of educational materials. Are you guys military? Retired? in the National Guard??

    • hodgkiss1122

      Well… we were reserve… but my husband got activated for a while… so for now we activated traditional reservist.

  • Shalome Bryant

    I love that you have a picture from just a new months ago with the boys in on the beach and now in the snow!! What a life they live!! SO MUCH FUN!!

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