High Country Inn Bed And Breakfast Ahashka, ID

High Country Inn Bed And Breakfast

Location: Ahashka, ID North Central Idaho

On our way to Portland from Helena we stayed at High Country Inn Bed and Breakfast. High Country inn is on a mountain top with green grass and is heavily treed. When we arrived we got a full tour by Vicki and were told that we could pick and eat any of the fruits that grew on the property. Lucky us, the cherry tree was ready to be harvested! Vicki told us that berries would be ready soon and we could see they were in full bloom! It is quiet with the exception of the birds chirping and the humming birds flapping and buzzing by. Through the bushes on the back deck there was a view of the water below. I was fascinated with the hummingbirds! There is a feeder on the back deck and the hummingbirds swarm it! There were at least 10 hummingbirds chirping and buzzing by and they let you get within a foot of the feeder for an up-close view of these tiny birds. It was really entertaining to be so up-close and personal with a creature that rarely let’s you be anywhere near them. I could actually feel the flapping of their wings. We saw several with green feathers (Anna’s Hummingbird) and one Ruby Throated Hummingbird who was probably a male because he was very aggressive towards the others.


A few humming-bird facts:

– Hummingbirds flap their wings 60-200 times per second.

– Hummingbirds actually have a tongue that they use to lap up nectar at a rate of 13 times per second.

– They consume half of their body weight in sugar daily.

– They can fly up to 60 miles per hour.

– Hummingbirds are the smallest bird in the world.

– They can flash their bright colors or hide them when they need to.

– Their feathers are iridescent like a sheen on a bubble.

– A baby hummingbird is smaller than a penny.




Vicki hand prepared our dinner and breakfast. We greatly enjoyed both and were happy with the quality of the food. Wine and beer were available for purchase by the glass or bottle. We were given the options to choose what we wanted to eat and what time we wanted to eat since we were the only people there. We even got served some fresh-from-the-tree country, canned peaches. Vicki was kind enough to put out some fine cheeses and crackers as a before dinner snack since we had been traveling all day.



Hospitality: Vicki, the host, went out of her way to make our stay special. She knew it was our 10 year anniversary and did everything she could to be accommodating and to make our night memorable. Bingo the schnauzer puppy was happy to welcome us and wanted to play ball. Vicki was entertaining and a blast to chat with! We did not get to meet the owner, Jo, but we were told a lot about her during our stay.


High Country Inn Bed and Breakfast

Accommodations: The beds were comfortable, the inn and all publicly accessible places on the property were clean, quiet and well maintained. Each room/cabin is theme decorated. We stayed in the moose room which had a very mountain lodge feel complete with a real, mounted mountain lion in our room. There was quite a bit to do at High Country Inn Bed & Breakfast for adults and children. There was a pool table, games, toys, satellite TV, music, comfortable couches and patio furniture, and a sparkling hot tub in the gardens. They are also pet friendly.


Overall our stay was relaxing and it was so nice to wake up feeling refreshed and taken care of! We would hope to stay here again sometime with the kids!


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