Healthy snacks for traveling!

Paleo Healthy Snacks for traveling!

As some of you know we travel a lot! If you don’t know you can check out our travel blog HERE. Before we started eating Paleo foods we would just eat whatever we found at convenience stores or gas stations. This lead to us feeling tired, sick and ran down during and after our trip. In September, after two years of eating typical road-trip foods we were sick of it! Our weight was up significantly from the years before, our bodies were sluggish and tired and the kids were cranky and their behavior was all over the place. We decided then that we would always be prepared. We decided to pack our own foods to bring with us in the car on every trip. We did this whether it was a short trip to the park or a long trip across the country. We even packed our own healthy food options in our backpack on our flight to and from Culebra, Puerto Rico. We found that this was greatly helpful as it cut down on last minute stops for fast food and just grabbing something from the gas station to snack on.


After 6 months of packing our own healthy snacks to take with us in the car we noticed great changes! As a couple we were down almost 80 pounds, the kids behavior and moods became calm and manageable, we felt better than we have in 10 years, and the kids don’t even ask to eat at a fast food place because we have easy “fast food” right there in the car!


These are a few of the healthy snacks we packed recently on our last trip from Alabama to Kansas.

Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet Peppers
Bell pepper strips
Kale chips

Dried fruits (We make our own here)
Fruit leather
Dried coconut pieces (Trader Joe’s has some awesome ones!)

Boiled egg
Cheese sticks

Pepperoni (We love Applegate Farms!)
Salami (Applegate Farms brand)
Summer Sausage (Natural grocers sells a delicious one!)
Beef Sticks (Grass-fed, farm fresh if possible!)
Jerky (Home made from grass-fed meats if possible)

Cashews (Cashews Whole Raw)
Almond slivers (Wonderful Almond Accents Sliced Almonds)
Almond butter (Woodstock Farms Raw Almond Butter)
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

A few tools that make packing your own healthy snacks easier:
Igloo Legend Cooler
Ziploc Snack Bags
Jello Shot Cups with lids
Blue Ice Flexible Ice Blanket

We divide and measure everything into approximate 100 calorie size portions. The snack sized baggies are perfect for portion control. I use the Jello shot cups with lids in our house all the time! These are wonderful for almond slivers (2 tbs serving size) and for nut butters! They are small and easy enough for the kids to use!

Want to know what the single most important thing to consume on a road trip is? WATER! Water will help you stay hydrated and regular. It will keep you from mindless snacking and help you feel full. Sure, you’ll have to make more bathroom stops along the way, but your body and mind will feel so much better when you get where you are going!

What would you add to the list of Paleo healthy snacks for traveling? 


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