Headed north to Wyoming!

We had (thankfully) an uneventful, safe trip to Wyoming! After Duck Dynasty we headed north through Arkansas and then Missouri.


From southern Missouri we headed west to our favorite little overnight RV spot in Kansas! We love finding these little hidden RV overnight spots! In this case the one in Parsons is only $5.00 a night with electric and water hookups! It is right in Marvel City Park and next door to the baseball fields and dog parks. There is also a tornado shelter… it is Kansas after all!

Next we continued northwest through Kansas and came across another CHEAP place to stay overnight! Hill City is a TINY Kansas town in the middle of nowhere that has $10.00 a night RV sites at their fairgrounds! There are tons of sites to choose from. Ours had water and electric and there was a dump station! The ONLY bad thing is the fairgrounds has manure from all the livestock and the flies were TERRIBLE!!! We are in Wyoming now and we are still killing the Kansas flies! But, for $10.00 I can’t really complain!


Once we left Hill City, Kansas we drove north through Nebraska… there really wasn’t anything to look at except this one old barn…


To be continued in Wyoming!

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