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Fulltime Families Summer Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Lazydays the RV Authority

Fulltime Families Summer Scavenger Hunt


This summer we have had an awesome time as a family participating in the Fulltime Families Summer Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Lazydays the RV Authority! My friends have noticed all the fun pictures on Facebook and want to know where they can find the lists for each week! With permission from Fulltime Families I have printed them below and a free printable PDF is coming! While this was done online it can easily be translated to an offline game between friends or a group! It was so much fun! We still have one more week left to go, so I will update week 4 when we finish! Have fun and good luck!


This Family Scavenger Hunt is Sponsored by Lazydays, The RV Authority.

Complete this scavenger hunt by taking a photo of each item on the list. There are 100 items, plus a final family portrait (#101). You must submit a separate photo for each item. Your family portrait must be your final photo.

You do not have to be full-time on the road to participate.

This is meant to be fun and stretch you as a family. This is a four week game. Creative thinking is encouraged, but no substitutions.

The items were chosen to be fun, challenging and educational.

1. You must submit one photo per item. One photo cannot represent multiple items.

2. The photo must be of the assigned item, no substitutions are allowed. However, creative thinking is encouraged.

3. The list item number and description must be in the title and/or the description

4. Tag each item with “#lazydaysRVhunt” and the item number in the following format “#ftfld38“. Please follow this exact format. When entered correctly, Facebook will turn the tag into a blue link.  We will use these tags to credit players points.  Incorrectly marked pics will not be counted, however you will be given the opportunity to edit and resubmit with proper hashtags.
5. The Family Portrait must be your final photo (#101), the rest can be taken out-of-order.

6. All photos must be taken after you have joined the hunt. No archival photos allowed.

7. All photos must be your own.

8. No nudity and family friendly pics only.

9. You do not have to take a picture of everything listed, the person with the most points at the end of 4 weeks wins.

10. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker challenge will be issued.

11.  The judge/s reserve the rights to award additional points and / or issue additional challenges on the fly.


Week 1  (Download Week 1 PDF Here)

(#FTFLD1)”I can’t believe we all fit in here!” 600
(#FTFLD2) Picture a live farm animal 350
(#FTFLD3) Picture of a fountain 200
(#FTFLD4) Picture in a fountain 500
(#FTFLD5) Crossing the street in a cross walk 250
(#FTFLD6) In an elevator 300
(#FTFLD7) Decked out in Sporting Equipment 450
(#FTFLD8) If you’re family was a ‘family band’ 700
(#FTFLD9) Swinging on a playground swing set 400
(#FTFLD10) Jumping on a trampoline  600
(#FTFLD11) A fire hydrant 200
(#FTFLD12) A cactus 400
(#FTFLD13) A palm tree 400
(#FTFLD14) A christmas tree 400
(#FTFLD15) Eating an ice cream by an ice cream sign (you’re welcome kids;) 800
(#FTFLD16) In front of a grocery store 200
(#FTFLD17) The parents in the kids play area at a fast food restaurant 600
(#FTFLD18) Playing video games 200
(#FTFLD19) An aquarium full of fish 450
(#FTFLD20) With a grocery cart 200 (500 bonus points if a team member is in the cart)
(#FTFLD21) With one of those little car rides outside grocery stores 300
(#FTFLD22) Caution tape 200
(#FTFLD23) An insect 200 (+500 if you identify the insect)
(#FTFLD24) Park bench 300
(#FTFLD25) Jump rope 200

(#FTFLDBONUS1) WEB Challenge:  Go to to complete this task and post your screen capture + your pic to get your points: “Are you the Queen of your RV?” This is just right for you! Find it at Take a picture in a crown along with a screenshot of what you found. 1000 pts!


Week 2 (Download Week 2 PDF here)

********** CREATIVITY PASS:  This week you can choose 1 challenge on the list to recreate (drawings / legos / etc)  if you can’t find it.  Use your pass wisely  and tag your picture when you use it with #creativitypass  *****************

#FTFLD26 With a restaurant employee 500
#FTFLD27 With the manager of the restaurant 800
#FTFLD28 At a table with a group of strangers out to dinner 950
#FTFLD29 Striking the same pose as a statue (with the statue) 450
#FTFLD30 Spelling out FtF with your bodies 700
#FTFLD31 In front of a Volkswagen Beetle 800
#FTFLD32 A Hawaii or Alaska License Plate that you found during the week.. in a parking lot somewhere (no substitutions) 950
#FTFLD33 With a mannequin (must replicate stance) 600
#FTFLD34 Four leafed clover 700
#FTFLD35 An American $2.00 bill 500
#FTFLD36 In a Tent and it must be pitched 500
#FTFLD37 With a character from the muppets 700
#FTFLD38 Blowing bubbles with bubble gum 200
#FTFLD39 Something that says “Made in the USA.” 350
#FTFLD40 A cricket mallet 600
#FTFLD41 A foot long (12 in.) shoe 700
#FTFLD42 A take out menu from a Chinese Restaurant 600
#FTFLD43 An origami object that a team member created (A decorative object made by folding paper) 500
#FTFLD44 A T-shirt from Arizona 400
#FTFLD45 Someone hanging upside down 400
#FTFLD46 An LED light 400
#FTFLD47 A reflection 300
#FTFLD48 Buying $0.10 of gas, receipt and pump must show amount (Picture of receipt and pump price needed) 800
#FTFLD49 Inside a Walk In Freezer 700
#FTFLD50 A business card from someone named John 800

#FTFLDBONUS 2 Lazydays Bonus Web Search #2
Like to Fly, but really love to RV. Look for a special offer with a plane in it on Take a screen shot of special offer logo and a picture of family members flying paper airplanes for 1500 bonus points!

Week 3 (Download Week 3 PDF here)

********** CREATIVITY PASS:  This week you can choose 1 challenge on the list to recreate (drawings / legos / etc)  if you can’t find it FOR 1/2 CREDIT. Use your pass wisely  and tag your picture when you use it with #creativitypass. The Creativity Pass can not be used for items that state ‘no substitutions’  *****************

#FTFLD51 Doing exactly what a sign says (any sign can work) 200
#FTFLD52 Inside a city bus 500
#FTFLD53 Inside a train 700
#FTFLD54  Behind the counter of a donut shop 400
#FTFLD55 Someone from your team doing a slam dunk (picture must have the person
in the air) 800
#FTFLD56 On a fire engine (a full-size, working fire engine) 600 1000 Bonus points with a fireman in uniform
#FTFLD57 Colorful tongues –eat or drink something to change your tongue to green,
purple, etc 200
#FTFLD58 Picture with a solar panel 300
#FTFLD59 A member of your group handcuffed to a police officer 750
#FTFLD60  Next to an old-fashioned tube television 500
#FTFLD61 Your team in a pet store 400 (100 extra points for each team-member holding an animal)
#FTFLD62 your team on a spiral staircase 500
#FTFLD63 standing right next to a Harley Davidson 500 (500 bonus points if the rider is on it)
#FTFLD64 an ice-cream truck 400
#FTFLD65 running through lawn sprinklers 500
#FTFLD66 video a dramatic earthquake scene in public (15 second video) 600
#FTFLD67 holding a live frog 400
#FTFLD68 Find an unknown couple and ask them how they met. Then post a pic along with their story. 700
#FTFLD69 A team member holding an 8 track tape (no substitutions) 600
#FTFLD70 Create your own sport – name it and take a picture of your team ‘in uniform’ 300
#FTFLD71 A team member in the driver’s seat of a real construction vehicle (not a pick up truck) 700
#FTFLD72 A real tombstone from 1910 (date of death) or earlier.  800
#FTFLD73 A whale 500
#FTFLD74 The Random Act of Kindness Secret Mission… A FtF Summer Scavenger Hunt Tradition.  The completion and documentation of a random act of kindness, with a twist… Your kids (1 or all or any combination of them) have to come up with the random act. Then you find a stranger, perform the act, photograph it, and document the strangers reaction and your family’s reaction. The label for this is #ftfrandomact. And it’s worth 2000 points! But in order to get the points you’ve got to complete this mission just as its stated above. Any questions?

#FTFLDBONUS3 Lazydays Bonus Web Search #3
How many service bays can you find at both Lazydays locations. Find the answer and add a picture of yourself holding the number you found for 1500 bonus points!

 Week 4 Coming Soon! 

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