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Easy Sun Catcher Craft!

Make your own Easy Sun Catcher Craft!


This is a fun and easy craft for all ages! I even enjoyed making my own sun catcher with the kids!


It is super, super easy!! You’ll need translucent cheap beads (kids craft beads $1.97 at Wal-Mart) and a tin foil pan. Make sure your pan is cheap like the ones from dollar tree so that it doesn’t have a brand name imprinted on it. Just a smooth bottom. Line the bottom of the pan as you wish with any design using the beads! We made star shapes, bluebonnets, and random. The random one actually turned out the best! Make sure there are plenty of beads touching. If there are holes or gaps they will not melt correctly and it will leave holes in your final project!  It is ok if they are on top of each other. Place in oven at 400 degrees until melted and glassy. Take out and immediately punch hole with a straw or something (we used a chopstick) as these dry and cool super fast! Let sit for a few minutes and pop out of pan!


If there are holes after it is cooked place extra beads in or on the hole and back in the oven! Repeat the process again until you have all the holes filled!


Ta Da! Super easy! Be sure to hang where the sun will hit it! These are super durable and the kids love having them in their windows!



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