Dr. Pepper, Texas


Yesterday we had some time to mosey our way from Lampasas, Tx to Stephenville, Tx. We decided to stop in a tiny town called Dublin, Tx. Dublin is the home of the oldest Dr. Pepper bottling factory in the world. This same factory still uses the original formula with pure cane sugar.


The factory offers tours and for our family of four it was less than $5.00. At the end of the tour we all got to enjoy a free bottle of ice cold Dublin Dr. Pepper.


After the museum we made our way to Stephenville, TX. Home of Tarleton State University where my sisters are studying to be nurses. We met up with them at their house and made spaghetti, french bread and chocolate gooey butter cake for dessert! They had several friends over and we had a blast! The daddy was able to convince Owen to tie a string around his tooth (that was BARELY hanging by a thread) so that he could pull it when he was ready. When he least expected it one of the girls sneakily yanked the string and the tooth came flying out onto the coffee table. The look on Owen’s face was priceless! All in all the food and the company was great and as a bonus we didn’t have to hear Owen complain about his tooth anymore! 🙂


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