Cheyenne Botanic Gardens Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Number one on our Cheyenne, Wyoming Bucket List is the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens! The boys and I decided to check it out while Patrick was at work. The gardens were beautiful and well kept, but what the kids REALLY loved was the Paul Smith Children’s Village.


As we entered the children’s village we were met with blooming flower, plant, and vegetable gardens! The three-quarter acre piece of land was jam-packed with interactive things for children to do!


The 1930’s era building located in the rear of the gardens has an old rock wall attached to it that forms the “secret garden”. Even as an adult it felt like something straight out of a children’s book. Built into the side of the “secret garden” was a puppet theater where Grant made a new friend: Mr Rabbit. They enjoyed singing together and making jokes! Owen also joined in on the puppetry fun!



In the midst of the natural wetlands was a bridge that the kids had to pull from one side of the pond to the other to load and off-load each other. The boys had so much fun on this and made a ton of friends!


And of course there was FLOWERS! I especially loved this part of our adventure! While the kids played checkers and tic-tac-toe I walked around and enjoyed nature’s beauty!



If you are in the Cheyenne, Wyoming area and are looking for something to do you should check out the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens! The best part is it is free!

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