Breakfast Can Wait!


Breakfast can wait… No Prince, breakfast can’t wait!

In our house, we feel like breakfast is essential to having a healthy start to the day! There’s not gonna be grits and gravy, cheese eggs and ham. There’s not gonna be hotcakes smothered in honey,  just good, wholesome Paleo goodness.

No time to cook breakfast every morning? No problem!

One of the struggles we have is getting breakfast made in the morning. It is so much easier to make toast or cereal instead of eggs and meat. We came up with a prepare-ahead breakfast plan for our family and hopefully it helps someone else make better choices for breakfast.

On Thursday each week I write out our meal plan for the week. I ask the boys each week what they want in their breakfast the next week and I give them the chart below.  I make sure I have enough food for the four of us and for Patrick to take to work in his Adult Paleo Lunchbox. Our weekly grocery bill usually comes in right at $150.00.

On Friday I grocery shop. Doing it Friday allows me to beat the weekend crowd and still have time to go back and get whatever it is that I forgot to get over the weekend.

On Sunday night I scramble enough eggs for each child to have approximately 2 eggs a day for 7 days. I then cook all the meat they requested within appropriate serving sizes. There is usually a variety for the week.  We buy ground turkey sausage patties, all natural cocktail weenies (found at trader joes),  bacon and ham. I pack 2 eggs and one meat choice into Rubbermaid Takealongs Divided containers that I found at Target (6 pack for $5.00) and place them in the refrigerator.

Breakfast Can wait

Monday morning the kids get up, take out one container, choose a fruit and a drink. We heat up their breakfast dish in the microwave and they get to enjoy a healthy, wholesome Paleo breakfast without the hassle of me cooking, cleaning and making the meals every morning. I cooked one time for the whole week! I already cook at least 6 nights a week, so I was really needing to take short cut somewhere. I believe the microwave is a great compromise over gluten and grain filled “easy” breakfasts! The eggs don’t get runny in the refrigerator because there is no milk in the scrambled eggs. Everything reheats really nicely and the kids really enjoy having a “breakfast buffet” to choose from!

breakfast can wait

These breakfast meals are very basic, but coupled with a fruit or veggie they are a perfect alternative to non-paleo breakfast choices. How do YOU make Paleo work for your family? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment and tell us your ideas!

breakfast can wait



  • tina

    hi! I love your budget-conscious meals, especially for lunches on here. You said your grocery budget is $150 a week – how many people does that feed? Thanks!

  • tina

    okay, thanks! Your blog is really inspiring. I am getting to the point where you were…I have a really hard time breathing, but I don’t want to go to the doctor’s, because I know what he will tell me to do! Sugar is so hard for me to give up with Paleo – it’s the only thing I struggle constantly with….and once I eat a little, I binge on much more. Are you still losing weight since you began your journey? 50 lbs is so amazing…i would be SO happy if I could lose that much! I need to lose about 100 ugh!

    • <3 Jennifer

      Yes! I am still losing weight! I am losing a little slower now, then in the beginning, but I am losing. One of the books that helped me a TON was The 21 Day Sugar Detox! She has great recipes and it really helped me kick the sugar. I am not perfect and I mess up sometimes (like last night I had fresh brownies), but what is crazy is it makes me physically sick now if I over do it on sugar! The book can be found here I used to drink three cups of coffee in the morning with BOTH sugary cream AND added sugar scoops. Now I have zero sugar with my coffee… only coconut oil and grassed butter! I can tell right away if I eat too much sugar now! If you love PoorPaleo please consider sharing it with your friends! My goal in life is to inspire others to get healthy and live a better, quality life!

  • Megan

    I’m just getting started on Paleo and am wondering what type of bacon you use? I’m struggling the most with getting enough protein in the morning.


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