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Bountiful Baskets


Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets?

Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op (BBFC) “offers a conventional produce basket every other week (or weekly) which is generally ½ fruit and ½ veggies. The monetary contribution is $15.00 and is generally worth $50.00 retail. Organic baskets require a contribution of $25. To participate visit and check the schedule to see when your state is available to make your monetary contribution using a debit or credit card. Then, pick up your basket on Saturday morning at the time and place you chose when you contributed!” The process is very simple and so rewarding!

The conventional basket ($15.00)
The organic basket ($25.00)
The organic basket ($25.00)

I get excited to go pick up my basket or baskets on Saturday mornings… it’s a surprise every week since you never know what is in the baskets! This week I decided to purchase one conventional basket and one organic basket to see if I could get a variety of produce and to be able to price compare them. I am happy with both of them and the boys can’t wait to dig in!!

This week I will be comparing my contribution to Bountiful Baskets to the retail cost of produce at the grocery store and will report back with my findings!



    • Jennifer

      Hi Michelle!

      I checked out the prices! It is almost exactly half price! I was a little worried that I wasn’t getting a good deal, but I am glad to find out that I am!

      I did not compare the organic basket because my stores I went to just did not have enough organic produce to be able to do the comparison!


  • Stephanie

    I compared prices with Walmart prices. I came up with $17.00. At the store, but they didn’t have mini watermelons or pineapple (which I got 2 of those). It’s was my first time and I thought it would be more of a savings.

    • Jennifer

      Hi Stephanie!

      I did price comparison today on our basket from last week. I came up with around 30.00 for the conventional basket. I could not compare the organic basket because there wasn’t enough organic produce in the store to compare it to. Every week is different. Some weeks there is a LOT of saving and some weeks there is a little savings. Either way I think my conclusion is that it is still a good deal! Watch for a blog post coming soon comparing prices! If you subscribe via email you will be notified as soon as I post it! 🙂

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